Body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Bandage”

A body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Bandage” is a light, soft, concentrate mixture for sugar waxing. It’s best for bandage technique of sugaring and for work with gloves. Also, it good suitable for hair removing from extensive body surfaces (legs etc.).

The sugaring paste “Shugarex-Bandage” is the professional paste that complies with highest requirements.

  • The sugaring paste “Shugarex-Bandage” is stable – it not “flows” in hands during work and no melted in a jar during a keeping.
  • The paste “Shugarex-Bandage” produced from natural ingredients. It is comfortable and harmless for you and your clients. Owing to elaborated formula this sugaring paste is maximal painless for an epilated person. In addition, “Shugarex-Bandage” easily washed away. This paste doesn’t cause sores, doesn’t irritate skin and no provokes allergic reactions. You may even eat this paste – the certain boy had eaten a jar of “Shugarex-Bandage”. He was very content. This paste is sweet and tasty.
  • The “Shugarex-Bandage” very convenient for epilation master. It does not adhere tightly to the skin. This paste not causes tiredness hands and fingers during lengthy work. The paste easily for work and very economical. It does not need additional materials for using (except epilation strips). It means that before a sugaring you not need to sprinkle skin with talcum powder (except extreme cases such as increased perspiration).
  • The “Shugarex-Bandage” is a universal paste. The paste suitable for any sugaring techniques and for removing hairs with any body parts. Even though better, use this paste in cases, where it may be highest efficient (read below).

The body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Bandage” passed the sanitary-hygienic examination in the Ukrainian Ministry of Health L.I. Medved’s Research Center for Preventive Toxicology, Food and Chemical Safety. You can download a result of this examination.

Sugaring paste “Shugarex-Bandage” features

The paste “Shugarex-Bandage” is the lightest midst our commodities and it’s the main trait.

This paste developed specially for a bandage technique of sugaring. The “Shugarex-Bandage” can use equally with fabric and with paper epilation strips, even though it better to use with fabric strips. During using this paste with epilation strips it can need the warming to the temperature 35-38⁰С. If you using the manual sugaring technique, heating is not required.

Owing to it softness “Shugarex-Bandage” magnificently suit to work with gloves.

Also owing to lightness and softness, “Sugarex-Bandage” does not weary hands and fingers during a long-time work. Equally, these properties allow making the manipulation maximally quickly. This paste easy applied to extensive body surfaces and it good fits for work with large hairy areas, such as hands or legs.

As all “Shugarex” pastes, the “Shugarex-Bandage” is gummy and tenacious. It means that it removing all hair types including vellus hair.

Terms of using the “Shugarex-Bandage” paste

The expense of this sugaring paste in tests is approximately 50 grams (nearly 1,5 oz., two walnut-size pieces) per epilation both legs with average density pelage.

The body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Bandage” intended for use at a temperature 18-25⁰C (64-77⁰F).

Because the “Shugarex” is a concentrated paste – it is excellent mix with other sugaring pastes and good dilute by the water and other mixtures. Usually pastes mix and dilute in extreme weather conditions such as heat or high wetness. Pastes mixing and diluting will help to cope with numerous challenges, which arise during a work.

The “Shugarex-Bandage” can do any sugaring paste more soft and flexible. These qualities help to remove hairs at body zones, which have a difficult relief or a tender and sensitive skin. The softness of the “Shugarex-Bandage” lessens fingers and hands fatigue during a longtime work.

Packaging and storage life

The “Shugarex-Bandage” best before two years since the date of production. It is official storage term – in practice, you may keep this paste almost infinite (if you observe storage conditions); simply in Ukraine two years, it is maximal storage life for these kind commodities. The paste must keep in a dry place at a temperature between -8⁰C and 25⁰C (17-77⁰F). After opening a jar, this paste may keep just one year – reliably closed and in a dry place.

The “Shugarex” pastes packaged in 450-grams (16 oz.) or 750-grams (26 oz.) medical plastic jars. All packs tightly closed and have an inner cover-gasket. Owing to this, double caps the paste does not pour out and a cover not sticks to the jar and always can be easily open. Big “Shugarex” jars easily can put on the wax heater. Both types of jars can be warming in a microwave.

The body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Bandage” recommended:

  • For specialists with any skill level, which works in a bandage technique.
  • For work in gloves – in this way the paste can be used by experts, graduates of one-day or three-day training and beginners.
  • For skilled masters, which work in the classical manual technique.
  • For large work volumes – in this case, your hands and fingers will be less tired.
  • For hair removing from the tender and sensitive skin.