Body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Manual”

A body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Manual” is a universal medium-density paste for sugar waxing. It’s professional mixture for skilled specialists who works in manual technique. The “Shugarex Manual” removes any type of hairs of any body areas. This sugaring paste allows you to cope with different tasks.

  • The sugaring paste “Shugarex-Manual” is stable – it not “flows” in hands during work and no melt in jar upon keeping.
  • The “Shugarex-Manual” paste produced from natural ingredients. It’s comfortable and harmless for you and yours clients. This paste no cause sores, don’t irritate skin and no provoke allergic reactions. Owing to elaborated formula it sugaring paste is maximal painless for epilated person. In addition, “Shugarex-Manual” easily washed away.
  • The “Shugarex-Manual” is very convenient for epilation master. It does not adhere tightly to skin. This paste keeps its plasticity and viscidity during all time of use. It paste easy for work and very economical. It no needs additional materials for using. It means that before sugaring you not need to sprinkle skin with talcum powder (except extremely cases such as increased perspiration).
  • The “Shugarex-Manual” is universal paste. It paste suitable for any sugaring techniques and for removing hair with any body parts.

The body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Manual” passed sanitary-hygienic examination in Ukrainian Ministry of Health L.I. Medved’s Research Center of Preventive Toxicology, Food and Chemical Safety. You can download result of this examination.

Sugaring paste “Shugarex-Manual” features

The “Shugarex-Manual” is a multitasking sugaring paste. It excellent suits for epilation in the bikini area; also it can be used on any other body zones. It not needs warming before the work.

The “Shugarex-Manual” paste has a very elaborate and stable formula, through which it not “flow” and does not adhere tightly to skin during the work. In addition the “Shugarex Manual” is very plasticity, viscidity and tenacious.

The “Shugarex-Manual” fits to any techniques of sugaring (include bandage) and removes all kinds of hairs longer than 1-2 mm (1/24 – 1/12 in.), including harsh hairs what remain after a shave. The paste excellent copes with epilation in hard-to-reach and difficult areas (armpits, bikini zone).

This sugaring paste is a concentrated paste thus it excellent mixed with other sugaring pastes and good diluted by the water and other mixtures.

Although the paste is dense, it sufficiently soft in order to not wearied hands and fingers during the longtime work.

Terms of using the “Shugarex-Manual” paste

Expense of this sugaring paste in tests is approximate 50 grams (nearly 1,5 oz., two walnut-size pieces) per epilation both legs with average density pelage.

The body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Manual” intend for using at a temperature 18-30⁰C (64-86⁰F).

Packaging and storage life

The “Shugarex-Manual” best before two years since date of production. It is official storage term – in practice, you may keeping this paste almost infinite (if you observe a storage conditions); simply in Ukraine two years it is maximal storage life for these kind commodities. The paste must to keep in a dry place at a temperature between -8⁰C and 25⁰C (17-77⁰F). After opening a jar, this paste may keep just one year – reliably closed and in a dry place.

The “Shugarex” pastes packaged in 450-grams (16 oz.) or 750-grams (26 oz.) medical plastic jars. All packs tightly closed and have an inner cover-gasket. Owing to this, double caps the paste does not pour out and a cover not stick to the jar and always can be easy open. Big “Shugarex” jars easily can put to the wax heater. Both types of jars can be warming in a microwave.

The body sugaring paste “Shugarex-Manual” recommended:

  • For skilled specialists.
  • For removing all types of hair, including short hairs after shaving, short hairs with deep roots.
  • For a hair removing in hard-to-reach and difficult areas (armpits, bikini zone).
  • The “Shugarex-Manual” is perfect paste for a Brazilian waxing.